in-lite® are more than an outdoor lighting brand. They are a company with a mission; not just to develop beautiful outdoor lights, but above all to inspire as many people as possible and show them that lighting belongs in every outdoor space. The in-lite® premium low voltage system operates on 12v power, allowing you to install it all in perfect safety, the only requirement being a plug socket! With a transformer, cable and fittings, you will have your system installed within a few steps. The possibilities with in-lite® systems are endless, with both standard and SMART systems available. Because the in-lite® HUB transformers convert the power from the socket to a safe low voltage, you do not need to dig trenches for your cable and can simply bury or mulch over them to keep them hidden. You can easily connect the lights to the cable with an EASY-LOCK connector that can be placed anywhere along the power cable within seconds. This is a 100% safe and waterproof method, which has been tried and tested in the field for decades. It's so safe in fact that in-lite® recommend connecting the light fittings while the 12v cable is live so you can check the connections work as you're installing!
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