IN-LITE® Decorative Lights

What separates a good lighting plan from a great lighting plan? Often it comes down to the "wow factor", but how do we achieve that? One way is to use more decorative lighting alongside the functional lighting. The SWAY planting lights can be nestled in planted beds at varying heights, playfully moving in the wind along with the plants. The DISC and SWAY pendants can hang down from pergolas to illuminate seating areas or dining tables. Alternatively, use the portable and rechargeable SWAY TABLE lamp. EVO FLEX strip light can also provide a beautiful aesthetic beneath steps along with the added safety element of illuminating the elevation changes. Possibly the biggest wow factor though is the VOQUE and BIG VOQUE floor lanterns, especially when used alongside one another. These tinted lanterns are ideal for use on patios and around seating areas where a lovely soft glow of light, free of glare, is desired. A garden should feel inviting and have interesting elements that draw the eye, so these decorative in-lite® fixtures are sure to make your project a success.