Taps, Timers & Control Packs

Tap-mounted timers automatically control any above-ground irrigation system, giving the option to water at night when evaporation is at its lowest and avoid sun scorched plants. Tried and tested, Claber timers are the most reliable on the market. They are easy to program and will run for a whole season using one Duracell Industrial battery. A large number of components are required when any tap-based irrigation system is installed. To make your life easier and to save time and money, we have put together all the essential items required to automatically deliver water accurately and reliably to the start of your system - all in one easy pack. All components (including Claber irrigation timers) are of trade quality, and we even include stainless steel screws and bolts to prevent rust marks damaging painted walls, as well as a Duracell Industrial battery which will run the system for a whole season.

Tough and reliable, the brass double-tap pack is used to split a tap into two outlets - one for irrigation, the other for a hose. The triple-tap pack makes it possible to run up to two irrigation systems (or four with Duplo timers) from a single tap, while also leaving a spare outlet for the hose. All our tap packs include a tap connector for the spare outlet and we recommend all tap packs be removed from the tap before winter to protect from the frost.