IN-LITE® Wall Lights

There are a whole range of wall lighting options available from in-lite, including both 12v and 240v fixtures. The 12v fixtures require the in-lite system, while the 240v fixtures can be used as standalone products in any project. For standard downlighting, look no further than the EVO DOWN, ACE DOWN, HALO DOWN or BIG CUBID. For up/down lighting, the ACE UP/DOWN and HALO UP/DOWN are ideal. The hooded WEDGE and BLINK ranges are perfect for step lighting or low level wall lighting. The DISC WALL lights can add a real wow-factor to any lighting design, with an incredibly unique lighting aesthetic. For uses outside entrances and garages, the LIV WALL is a great option. There are a range of accessories available for adusting the lighting effects, or for aiding installation.