About Us

Our History

Landscapeplus was started in 2000 by two brothers from a horticultural family that involved gardens, arboriculture, garden centres and even the National Trust.

Whilst installing Irrigation systems in private gardens across London, they recognised that the industry was very poorly served in both product selection and service, often feeling like second class citizens alongside the building trade. As a result, Landscapeplus was created and has since grown to become the industry's only one-stop-shop for Lighting, Irrigation and Water Features. Our horticultural starting point is still the driving force behind Landscapeplus to this day.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos is built around a culture of willingness. Our approachable and long standing team are always willing to help. Whether you’re a budding Garden Designer or a seasoned Landscape Contractor our team's resourceful nature enables us to flex to your requirements, helping you to design and install Lighting, Irrigation and Water Features.

We’ve been Trade Only since day one and every decision since has focused on the requirements of Landscape Professionals; without the distraction of selling to homeowners we’re able to protect the margin offered to professionals.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help industry professionals to create beautiful gardens with as little hassle as possible.

Building long-term, trust-based relationships and putting gardens at the heart of what we do is key. We give Landscape Professionals the confidence to design and install Lighting, Irrigation and Water Features by sharing knowledge, supplying systems and offering support.

"So much more than a supplier..." is a phrase that is heard on a regular basis. Landscapeplus is not just a one-stop-shop for Lighting, Irrigation and Water Features systems. We also provide a unique Design Support Service where Garden Designers and Contractors can work alongside Landscapeplus to develop ideas and create a complete system, safe in the knowledge that the backup and support is there to ensure the systems are installed properly and work effectively. Furthermore we travel around the UK hosting Training Days and Events where professionals can learn and network with like minded industry professionals.

A true ‘one-stop-shop’. We often describe ourselves as selling systems, not just products. Our experienced team will always aim to give you everything you need to get the job done and as a result every order placed through the Landscapeplus website will be checked by the team for any missing elements. We understand that there are few things more frustrating than missing one key part of a system that could delay your job and ultimately affect your bottom line.