MDPE Pipe & Fittings

MDPE pipe is the standard product for bringing high pressure mains water into houses. Its toughness makes it ideal for routing around the garden to create a new water supply, for installing new outside taps and standpipes or as a more durable alternative pipe for underground irrigation systems.

Talbot push-fit connectors are the quick and easy way to route mains water around the garden. They are small, black and unobtrusive, providing neat and flexible connections for 20mm, 25mm and 32mm MDPE water pipe. Threaded converters are used to connect any push fit fitting onto a ½″, ¾″ or 1″ BSP male thread and the Grippa Universal Connectors provide a universal connection to any existing water pipe, whatever its size or material, including lead, imperial plastic and galvanised steel. If you prefer to use MDPE pipe for your irrigation systems, the MDPE compression fittings offer very good value for money and provide a variety of connections for 20mm, 25mm and 32mm MDPE pipe.


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