IN-LITE® Systems

The in-lite system couldn't be easier: you just need a HUB, cable, in-lite fittings and a plug socket. The HUB is a transformer that both powers and controls the outdoor lighting. The in-lite cable is available in 14/2 gauge or 10/2 gauge for max. 40m or 80m cable runs (per line) respectively. Once the transformer is powered and the chosen cable is connected to one of the outputs, simply use an EASY-LOCK connector to spur off the cable to your chosen light fitting. The connector takes just seconds to install and can be placed at any location along the main cable. Fittings can be added as required so long as the total VA load does not exceed the transformers stated maximum. The standard HUB-50 and HUB-100 contain two outputs for separate cable runs, both of which can be automatically controlled together using the provided light sensor or through the use of a wired MOVE motion sensor. The SMART HUB-150 however contains three individually controllable outlets, allowing lighting zones to be created that can be controlled independently. These can be controlled via your smartphone via Bluetooth, or, if a SMART BRIDGE is used, via Wi-Fi from anywhere around the world. The SMART BRIDGE also provides Google Home, Apple Homekit or Amazon Alexa compatibility. Unhide your garden with the in-lite system.