Oase & Kasco Product Launch


Since 1949 Oase have been striving to provide newer and more efficient ways to control your ponds and lakes. Every year
they release new and improved products in order to achieve this goal. Below we have listed some of the new products for 2019 and what these products could provide for you.

New Oase Filtral
It has the same capability of the previous models but with an added 1500 model. The UV lamps have been improved along with the design of the body, a shape similar to the AquaMax models giving it more strength and durability.

New Oase AquaOxy 250
For use with small ponds to add the extra oxygen needed to maintain a healthy body of water. It will also help reduce ice cover in cold conditions.

New Oase ProfiSkim Wall 100
Skims off debris from a pond surfaces of up to 30m². Used for permanent installation into the side walls of ponds. The debris basket is easy to take out for effortless cleaning from the front and from the top. With useful accessories (optional) Wall extension, wide-mouth extension, height extension and high-quality stainless steel covers.

New Oase FoamFix
Inconspicuous filling of cavities in ponds is possible. Has a long lasting black colour thanks to its high resistance to UV radiation. Fish and plant friendly.

We have also added a new range to our website this year in the form of Kasco. Originally established as a company who specialised in de-icer's for marinas in Minnesota; they have continued to grow and provide some of the best lake aerators in the world.

We have now listed 3 different ranges of the Kasco fountains/aerators. The JF & VFX Series aerating fountains and the Surface Aerator.

Kasco JF Series
Decorative Fountains give you the versatility, performance, and reliability you need. Ranging from 1/2HP to 3HP, there is a Kasco J Series Fountain perfect for any size pond or lake. The corrosion and clog resistant technology offers reliability. All JF Series Fountains come with multiple nozzles that deliver classy, elegant spray patterns.

Kasco VFX Series
Aerating Fountains set the standard by which all aerating pond fountains are measured. These units deliver both superior oxygenation and aesthetic brilliance, making this a true dual-purpose fountain. The VFX aerating fountains have been designed with clog-resistant technology. Use the VFX Series in your pond, on the lake or in a landscaped water body.

Kasco Surface Aerators
High performance surface aerators dramatically push high volumes of water into the air. This process increases the overall health of your water and keeps it thoroughly mixed. These self-contained units deliver up to 3.0lbs of O2 per horsepower per hour of operation, making Kasco surface aerators one of the most dependable and efficient units on the market.

So if you are planning a water feature or pond then call the office on 01666 577577, ask to speak to Chris, or email me at chris@landscapeplus.com and I’ll be glad to help.