Claber Video-2 Plus Timer & Rain Sensor Kits

Claber Video-2 Plus Timer & Rain Sensor Kits

By popular demand, we have put together these Claber Video-2 Plus kits that include not only the timer unit, but also a wired Claber rain sensor and a 9v battery. As times go on we are all becoming more and more aware of how crucial it is to save water where we can, and for many a good place to start is in the garden.

The Claber rain sensors connect up to the Video-2 Plus timers with a 2m wire before being mounted nearby using the stainless steel bracket provided. The rain sensor simply catches the rain and, if the rainfall is significant enough, temporarily overrides any irrigation cycles that may be programmed. Once the collected water evaporates, this sends a signal to the timer to allow the programmes to continue as normal. The main benefits of using the Claber rain sensors are:

  • Prevents unnecessary water usage by halting programmed irrigation cycles during rainfall.
  • Helps to prevent over-watering of planting during times of heavy rainfall.
  • Saves money over time on the water bills as water is only used when required.
  • No additional programming or power source required, simply plug it in and mount in nearby!

The Claber Video-2 Plus tap timers feature a single outlet, allowing them to control a single zone irrigation system. For two zone irrigation systems, the Claber Duplo timer & rain sensor kits should be used.

Please note: the timers should be brought inside during the winter when not in use to prevent frost damage to the internal solenoid valve.

Dimension of timer: Width 81mm; Height 190mm; Depth 105mm


Guarantee 2 Years
Inlet Thread ¾"
Number of Outlets 1 Outlet
Powered By 1 x 9v battery (included in kit)
Pressure Rating 5 bar
Programmes 2 per day
Rain Sensor Wired rain sensor (included in kit)
Water Flow 35 l/min
Winterproof No
Claber Video-2 Plus timer & rain sensor kit
Product Code: CTT0208
Kit contents: 1x Claber Video-2 Plus, 1x Claber rain sensor, 1x 9v battery