IRRIGATION | Our Approach and How it Can Help


Irrigation has always been at the heart of Landscapeplus. Coming from a background in Horticulture (click here to find out more about our history), caring for gardens is in our DNA. So why is our approach to irrigation unique? Well, prior to starting Landscapeplus our founders spent years installing irrigation systems in private gardens across London, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that we only supply products and systems that we know work, from trusted manufacturers. 

Instead of firing water across an entire lawn, using giant holding tanks, endless reels of pipework and complex fixings, we turn our focus to what actually needs watering within a garden and how it needs to be watered. We appreciate that every garden is unique and therefore every irrigation system must be different to cater for its specific needs. Our wide range of products allows you to create a bespoke system depending on the requirements of the garden. Many systems within our range could water a football pitch or a golf course but can also be used in a residential garden, that’s how versatile and scalable they are.  

The first question we will always ask is what needs watering? Now this might sound too simple but how could you possibly start to plan a system without first knowing what you’d like to achieve? A key question is, does the whole garden need watering? Often the answer is no! 

Once we have identified the areas of the garden that we’d like to irrigate we can begin to choose our method of application.

Our ‘go-to’ option is always drip irrigation as it’s the most direct form of irrigation…There is very little point in watering the leaves of a plant or hedge if the water is not reaching the base of the plant and soaking into the roots. This is where drip pipe and micro drippers come into their element. Sitting either on the soil or just above or below means the water that is flowing through reaches the most important area of the plant encouraging growth and health. Our Techline drip pipe is self-flushing and provides some protection against root intrusion meaning it can be buried under mulch, keeping it out of plain sight. We have an assortment of other drip irrigation options, including; in-line, end-line, potstream, and most excitingly pressure compensated (meaning the output of each dripper is balanced regardless of variations in terrain or water pressure). This variety ensures a solution is possible for any requirement.

Another option that we often use are border sprinklers; these are great to cover mixed planting and have the benefit of being above ground, meaning you’re much less likely to damage the system if the garden is going to be regularly worked in. We also use pop-up sprinklers, with the Hunter MP Rotator being our first choice due to its delicate watering pattern. 

Adjustable in-line dripper

Finally, it’s time to decide what’s going to power the system. Now that we know what parts of the garden are going to be irrigated and the method of application we’re going to use, we know the required pressure and flow. These two measurements are often confused and presumed they correlate, they are in fact very different. Think about the times you have a hosepipe running and then put your finger over the end to spray further, the amount of water coming from the tap hasn't changed much (flow), however, the force it comes out of the end of the hosepipe has increased (pressure). To test the pressure from a tap use our ‘snap-on’ pressure gauge and to test the flow open your tap fully and time how long it takes to fill a 5-litre bucket. From this timed result you can then calculate your flow in litres per minute.

Once you have the pressure and flow measurements you can begin to zone your garden, essentially splitting your project into mini gardens that are each watered separately. This can be as a result of requiring more flow than the tap/pump is able to provide or due to the planting requirements. 

Based on these test results, the garden requirements and personal preference (to an extent) you’ll know if a tap-based system or tank & pump system is the way forward. Often residential gardens can have an effective watering system from a tap or series of taps. Stepping up to a tank & pump system is sometimes seen as costly and complicated, but that’s simply not the case; after all, you have a source of water (tap/tank), a method of switching the supply on/off (tap/valve) and a system to deliver water to the garden. 

Finally, timers; a must-have addition for any irrigation system. They can help save time, and money and guarantee a consistent watering schedule helping to keep the garden looking green and lush. There are two things we recommend to every customer when supplying a tap timer: use a tap splitter and add a rain sensor. A tap splitter, whether it be double or triple, allows you to still access the tap without having to remove the timer; perfect for attaching a hose pipe or filling a watering can. Simply put, a rain sensor (pictured below) does exactly what it says. They measure rainfall and override the programme(s) on the timer either when it’s raining or if there has been high rainfall, preventing the garden from being overwatered. This also saves valuable water from being wasted when it’s not required. It’s a well-known fact that too much water can be just as bad as not enough so a rain sensor is an essential piece of kit. Check out the exciting new range of Claber Bluetooth timers added to our range further down. 

Claber Rain Sensor featured in RHS Chelsea 'The Water Saving Garden' designed by Sam Proctor, Built by Castle Landscapes

Sometimes a permanent system simply isn’t required or desired. Our Temporary Irrigation systems are a fantastic solution for when a new lawn, hedge or plant needs some encouragement getting started but once settled doesn’t require as frequent attention. They are also brilliant at dealing with extreme weather conditions, for example; a drought or sudden hot spell and you need to keep everything alive. These Temporary Irrigation systems can be installed for 1 day, 1 month or multiple seasons to cater for the needs of the garden. Be sure to check out our total irrigation system, unique to Landscapeplus providing the perfect bridge between temporary and permanent systems.

To summarise, in today's society, everyone is looking for ease, speed and convenience which is another reason to have an irrigation system installed. You can spend days planting a garden but unless it is cared for properly, you’ll be doing it again in no time. With the correct system installed, time can be spent enjoying the garden rather than watering everything with the hose, or even worse - a watering can!

So what are we excited about this year?

The Claber myAquaSolar Timers: the first and only App-based timers that require no batteries! We’re very excited to introduce this range of Claber timers to the UK market and think it’s going to be a game changer. The myAquaSolar is available in two versions, with one or two irrigation outlets and you can remotely control up to 4 individual timers via the app. Of course, there is always the option for a manual water cycle when required, without impacting the pre-programmed switching times.

With the ever-growing awareness of sustainability and preserving precious resources, such as water, we certainly feel that irrigation is definitely on an upward trend. Whatever your experience, we’re here to help however we can. There is no project too big, or too small for irrigation so please get in touch with us.