REBRAND | The Journey To Our New Look


In November 2023, we revealed our new branding, but how did we get there? 

Back in 2020, we celebrated our 20th anniversary and saw this as the perfect opportunity to take a step back, see how far we had come and what the future was going to look like for Landscapeplus. During this time, a team of 5, from different area of the business, looked at the whole business including: warehouse, ordering, service and even our culture before starting a journey with brand consultants.  

Hundreds of our customers were contacted with a survey to find out their view and generate our net promoter score; the result of which was enlightening. A net promoter score is the standard measurement for gauging customer loyalty and satisfaction and is measure on a scale of -100 to 100. Our score was 98; the highest score they had even seen. We were incredibly proud of this and even more so when we heard that several customers had referred to us as “so much more than a supplier”. This, we quickly realised, is what makes Landscapeplus unique, and as a result the phrase became our tagline. It perfectly captures the other aspects of the business that our customers value so much such as: our customer service, Training Days and Events and our free Design Support Service. Since then, we have introduced our Knowledge Centre, an area within our website to house these services in addition to Case Studies and Inspirational content from customers, Blogs, Our Brands and more to come, including system guides, calculators, and how-to-guides.