KEEPING YOUR POND OR LAKE CLEAN | How Kasco aerators can help maintain a balanced ecosystem


Oxygen is required to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem in any size body of water. Not only do plants, fish and other animals thrive in oxygen rich water, but also aerobic bacteria which are often referred to as “good bacteria”. Unlike anaerobic bacteria, aerobic bacteria can only exist in oxygen rich conditions and can break down ammonia at a much faster rate, firstly into nitrites then into nitrates.

Why is this important? Ammonia is released into the pond through fish waste, decaying plants and other organic matter falling to the bottom of the pond where it settles as sediment. It produces nasty smells in high enough concentration, can be extremely damaging to fish if not dealt with effectively and encourages algae to grow. 

Nitrates however, essentially act as fertiliser for aquatic plants, helping them thrive. Aquatic plants are incredibly important as they can out-compete algae whilst releasing yet more oxygen into the water and absorbing excess nutrients.

In many natural lakes and ponds the excess nutrient is washed away over time through in-flow and out-flow of water. However, in a closed system such as an artificial pond, without sufficient oxygen the ammonia can build up faster than it can be broken down. This problem is compounded by agricultural run off, grass cuttings and fallen leaves from surrounding trees entering the pond or lake. 

Luckily for us, there is now a solution: Kasco. Based in Wisconsin, America, Kasco is a world-leading manufacturer specialising in lake fountains and aerators, surface and diffused aeration systemscirculators and more. 

These products introduce oxygen to the water to ensure that as much aerobic bacteria can thrive as possible. This increases biological filtration and helps to keep ammonia levels down, therefore reducing algae blooms, increasing water clarity and encouraging a healthy and balanced eco-system. From aesthetic displays to practical high-volume aerators, Kasco has got you covered. 

JF Series

The JF Series by Kasco is an incredibly versatile floating aerator offering dramatic, aesthetically pleasing displays at the best value on the market. Designed with both beauty and function in mind, each unit includes 5 interchangeable twist & lock nozzles that couldn’t be easier to change (see below), allowing you to choose from attention grabbing geysers to elegant 3-tier displays.

The JF series is available in 4 different motor sizes (¾HP to 5HP), as well as options for three phase power. These aerators are even suitable for the shallowest of waters as they only need 38cm of water to operate. All units up to the 1HP model come with 10m of cable and 2 x 15m lengths of tethering rope.

VFX Series

If aeration is paramount, then look no further than the VFX Series. Not only do these units boast great levels of aeration by delivering superior oxygenation, they are also aesthetically brilliant making them a true dual purpose fountain. 

The VFX Series are efficient, feature high flow rates, are easy to install and operate and can be used in many different applications. They have been designed with clog-resistant technology and pull the water in and dispense it as a beautiful 'V-shaped' fountain pattern. These floating units are available from ½HP to 3HP in a multitude of power configurations, including options for single or three phase. All units up to the 1HP model come with 10m of cable and 2 x 15m lengths of tethering rope.

Surface Aerator

These high-performance surface aerators push high volumes of water into the air increasing the overall health of the water by introducing large amounts of oxygen and keeping it thoroughly mixed. As previously mentioned, oxygen is crucial to maintaining healthy water. However, another key element is water movement. Keeping the water mixed helps to break up the layers caused by stratification. 

Stratification is when distinct layers form in a body of water with oxygen levels and temperature decreasing with depth. Without oxygen and water movement, the bottom layer of water will remain deprived of oxygen which massively reduces bacterial efficiency when breaking down organic sediment that has fallen to the bottom.

These self-contained units can deliver up to 1.36kg of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation and are the most dependable and efficient units on the market. 

Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration

The Robust-Aire sub-surface aerator units are perfect for deeper bodies of water where a customer may not want a fountain. For optimum aeration, they should ideally be used at depths of 2.4 metres or greater as this provides the longest amount of time for the bubbles of air to have contact with the water. Due to the great depths that this product can operate, they are the single best solution to stratification.

The Robust-Aire units come in different sizes to have up to 6 diffuser pads per air compressor. Each compressor pushes air through self-weighted air lines to a dual loop diffuser (pictured below) on the pond, lake or tank bottom. The diffuser releases micro bubbles that rise to the surface, dumping large amounts of oxygen into the water as they rise.

The compressors can either be post mounted or base mounted. However, the size requirements of the system will have an impact on which compressor you use. The post mounted compressors are recommended for smaller systems (up to 3 pads) with the base mounted compressors suitable for larger systems. The compressors can be stored in cabinets (pictured below) to safeguard them from heat, dust and debris which in turn allows them to be cleaned and maintained a lot easier. 

AquatiClear - Circulator

The Kasco AquatiClear is a circulator that produces continuous water movement helping to keep the body of water free from algae, floating debris and foul odours. This is the only circulator on the market that continuously runs without having to clear it from weed and other debris thanks to it's clog resistant technology. They are available in 3 sizes (½ Hp ¾Hp and 1HP).

The AquatiClear can either be mounted on a pole or on a float meaning the circulator can be positioned wherever it's needed within a body of water.

We run Kasco training days across the country. These provide the perfect opportunity to get hands-on with the products, learn about the products and systems in more depth and ask us any questions. If you are interested please contact us.