Landscapeplus & SGD Partnership


I’m delighted to announce that we’ve signed a long term agreement as headline sponsors for the SGD kicking off with this year’s Autumn Conference on Saturday November 27th. We can’t wait to see some of you there!

Once the partnership was agreed our minds quickly turned to the topic for the Autumn Conference. Several ideas later we decided on ‘The Story of Landscapeplus’. Having been around for over 20 years most people within the industry know of or have worked with Landscapeplus at some point...but who really knows who we are, what we offer and why we do what we do?

Landscapeplus was dreamt up by two brothers from a horticultural family, who at the time installed irrigation in the gardens of London. At this point Irrigation was seen as a luxury system for golf courses, not residential gardens, so after years of struggling for a consistent supply chain they took matters into their own hands and opened Landscapeplus, or as it was then known: ‘Waterstore’. Coming from a horticultural background has given us a great footing as we really do care about gardens and the plants that make them. However, a love of gardens doesn't make a great wholesale company. So what does?

A good starting point is our original company mantras.

  • Professional Systems - We select the best systems, fit for the rigors of the UK weather and put them into a system that will work, all from one place.
  • Direct to You - It’s all very well having the product and the price but that’s nothing without great service. We truly believe this is where we’re the best in the business. We have a huge warehouse, full of professional products ready to ship anywhere in the UK overnight.
  • Trade Only - We only sell to industry professionals.

Those three mantras are still at the core of what we do today.

Fast forward 20 years and we’ve gone from strength to strength from supplying solely irrigation to supplying a whole host of Landscape products to thousands of professionals across the UK.

'So much more than a wholesale company'
Add into the mix our much loved Design Support Service and the sky is the limit.

We’ve been working on a short video giving a great insight into Landscapeplus, the history, the people and how we could help with your next project so for those of you that won't be at the SGD Conferance keep your eyes peeled on our socials in the next few weeks!

Paul Willavoys
New Business Manager