NEW Landscapeplus Design Support Service


Over the last 10 years we’ve covered more of the UK than we could ever imagine! With our own Paul Willavoys spearheading the campaign, we got out into the industry to provide training to Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors on lighting, irrigation and ponds/water features and in doing so we’ve travelled from...

St Austell to Scotland..

Bristol to Belfast..

And loved every minute of it!

Having gathered great momentum we all know what happened next... 2020 (we won't go into that!). We didn’t want the connection to our amazing industry and the advice and training benefits to stop there, so we’ve reinvented how we can help and support you in and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

We all know that good design is key within a project and that as designers your client will expect you to know everything! We most definitely don’t know everything but like to think we know a thing or two about lighting, irrigation and water features.

Having been on the road for the past few years Paul has now dusted off his desk (we had to show him where it was!) and dived straight back into things, with his main objective being to help and support you during the design process. We’ve found that having a Zoom/Skype call early in your design process, provides the opportunity to share screens, look at drawings, discuss the requirements for the garden, the client's wishes and budget and produce a quote all within one conversation. This approach not only enables you to discuss the lighting, irrigation and water features you might need and to get the most from your budget but saves loads of time too.

Towards the end of 2020 we trialled this service and found that customers loved the one to one support. We'll work from a hand drawn sketch, full CAD design or just from a concept design and we don't run away once the system is designed and delivered. We also offer full support and training for your contractor; we can send over a how-to video or have a quick FaceTime call to explain part of a system, whatever works for you.

Check out what Paul and Sam had to say about our Design Support...

If you'd like to hear more then why not book a quick 10 minute Skype/Zoom call and we'll explain more, or if you have a project underway and would like to jump straight in then book to discuss a system just email After all, it's totally free!