Top Tips for Lighting Design


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At Landscapeplus we understand that clients will often expect you to be an expert in everything...however with technology constantly evolving it's almost impossible to keep up-to-date! That's where we come in; contact us and book a time to Call/ Skype/ Zoom one of our experts who can talk you through your project, your needs and help produce a quote for the system.

We're not designers by any stretch of the imagination but we do know lighting, irrigation and pond systems (along with a few others bits!).

There are several benefits to garden lighting, but in simple terms it looks awesome!

Garden lighting can be as extravagant or subtle as you wish. We've been lucky enough to supply lighting to numerous show gardens where the designers have been able to really express themselves. However, we all know that not every project is a show garden...even a well placed spike light can create a beautiful feature.

Garden lighting will add a new dimension to the view of the garden as in the UK we are too often left staring out of our windows into darkness, instead of the beautiful gardens we have worked hard to create. Even a small amount of well positioned lighting can completely transform the outside space during the darker autumn and winter months.

The obvious starting point would be the budget and their preferred style of fittings, as after all, it has to be paid for!

With that said, I don't necessarily think it should be the first point of discussion. I would suggest starting off with identifying how the garden will be used, what lighting is required and the effect that the client would like to create. In some cases there will be an obvious choice of fittings, but in most cases there will be a wide range of potential options to suit the budget.

One of our mantras at Landscapeplus is 'Systems not Products'. Our aim is to supply a whole system along with all of the components to make it work, rather than leaving you scratching your head!

Lighting systems are ever developing and improving, so leave it to us. If you would like to know more about anything in particular feel free to ask the team and they'll be happy to explain.

Several years ago the SGD invited us to talk with a group regarding garden lighting alongside Rob Webber from Scenic Lighting; one point that Rob made has stuck with us ever since!

The FAF Principle is a great starting point for any lighting design:
> Function - make sure the lighting improves how the garden will be used, with an emphasis on safety.
> Aesthetic - create mood, feeling and ambience.
> Feature - a light feature creating a focal point in the scheme.

The range of fittings available from Landscapeplus is ever growing, making the Landscapeplus website the 'go to' place for everything garden lighting.

It's easy to be overwhelmed with choices when searching for potential light fittings, so we recommend first narrowing it down by the desired effect, followed by whether it is fit for purpose. After this, all that's left is the finish of the fitting and the all important budget.

'Hidden Issue' is a phrase we use at Landscapeplus for anything behind the scenes that makes up the infrastructure of the system. As we all know a system is only as good as the weakest point, and it's often these "hidden issues" that will cause a light fitting to fail.

Simple precautions such as IP rated power supplies, gel or resin filled connections, adhesive lined heat shrink and conduit for cables are essential to the longevity of any lighting system.

A remote control is a great addition to any lighting system. With options to have lights switched by a simple key fob, by sensors, on a timer or even on a mobile phone, there are plenty of options to suit your clients precise wants and needs. Light Symphony and Wise are both easy to use, low cost dimmable options that will take a simple lighting scheme to the next level.

To summarise, garden lighting will add great value to any project. You should feel confident that you can add garden lights to your next project with a few helpful tips and our team to call upon!

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