Keeping Gardens in Tip-Top Condition Over the Summer


This is a great time of year in our industry; the sun is out and it's time to cash in and build gardens.

The customers are keen to crack on and enjoy their gardens and make the most of the warmer, lighter evenings, to light their barbeques and get some quality time with their families.

So think now about what you need on your vans over the summer and make sure you've got all the spares you need to maintain your clients' gardens too. For irrigation, systems make sure you've got double and triple tap packs, irrigation timers, batteries, sprinklers, drip-line and pipe joiners. For ponds, make sure you've got spare UV lamps, some G4 sealer and a PondoVac. For garden lighting, make sure you carry spare lamps, heat shrink and cable connectors.

As a contractor, you don't want to get caught short and not have the spares you need to get the job done on the day, and you definitely don't want to have to make a special trip back just for the sake of some spare parts that cost a few pounds.

Don't forget to make sure you check out our Essentials range too, we've got all the basics at rock bottom prices. We've got trade quality gaffa tape, tarps, floor protection, flex tubs gloves, rope, rubble sacks, line marker spray, flagging tape, brick lines, safety tapes, WD40, hand wipes and screwdriver bits all at proper trade prices, not the prices you might see in your builders merchants.

Stock up now and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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