Top 10 products to change the way you landscape


Here at Landscapeplus we are constantly on the search for the newest, high-end products for you and your team. We follow an incredibly rigorous vetting process that each potential new product has to undergo before we decide to add it to our ever growing roster of products. Below we have listed our top 10 products that are often overlooked or forgotten about and could change the way you design & install in all your projects.

ACO ThresholdDrain® Channel

A recent release from ACO sees the introduction of the ThresholdDrain® Channel. The ACO ThresholdDrain® comes complete with either a silver or black aluminium Heelguard grating suitable for pedestrian traffic. The discreet system has a width of 60mm and is available in 1m lengths.

Available in Black and Silver. With a range of accessories available from corner units to vertical outlets, it is now possible to use as part of a modern patio drainage system. Ideal for installation by doors or in areas prone to flooding allowing the water to be directed elsewhere.

Gripple Trellising Kits

The Gripple professional trellising kits provide a strong, discreet, versatile framework to support wall vegetation growth; ideal for professional landscapers. Fast installation facilitated by the wall hub which ensures sufficient space between the wall and the vegetation making these ideal for 'green wall' applications. The introduction of the wall hub allows for several different design styles to be implemented creating both a visual and practical aesthetic.

Supplied with a 50m length of wire rope available in two widths of 2mm or 3mm which can be used in conjunction with Gripple Plus wire tensioners available in zinc alloy or stainless steel. Also supplied with rubber wire caps to prevent injuries and protect the ends of the wire once cut to size.

Geo-Cell Pond/Soakaway Boxes

Not a new product to Landscapeplus but under-appreciated the Geo-Cell boxes offer a very flexible method of building a reservoir for a rock or pebble water feature. Simply dig a hole to the required size, lay in the fleece and liner, follow with another layer of fleece, put in the Geo-Cell box (or a number of boxes tie-wrapped together) and simply cover with pebbles or rocks.

These boxes support a massive weight of 9.5 tonnes per m3, and can be used for the largest water features as well as for the construction of soakaways. As the top is removable, they also make an ideal sump for a water feature or a housing for a pond pump

ACO HexDrain®/RainDrain® Gratings

Looking to install HexDrain® or RainDrain® but you're not keen on the standard grates? Luckily ACO offer this range of high quality gratings with a broad range of options and finishes to suit any application with an easy upgrade to complement and enhance your landscaping materials and designs. They include traditional antique cast iron and galvanised steel as well as more contemporary finishes such as anthracite painted steel, polished stainless steel as well as the sleek lines of ACO’s wedge wire stainless steel grating.

Easy to fit, each grating simply drops into the standard 1m HexDrain® & RainDrain® units. Simply order the correct driveway pack to suit your application, then select the number of gratings to match the required length.

Ground Mounting Stakes

Often overlooked when it comes to installing a lighting system. The incredibly versatile ground mounting stakes allow for the mounting of outdoor power supplies, transformers and junction boxes where walls or fences are not available.

Coming as a pair and include nuts & bolts to mount them to each side of the power supply or junction box. Each pair can be easily fixed together (extra nuts and bolts provided) allowing power supplies and junction boxes to be quickly connected together in a row for a neat and professional look.

NEW EasyTee Connectors

Wiring a new lighting set-up doesn't need to be complicated especially with our EasyTee connectors. A quick and easy method to tee off the 12v supply cable offering multiple outlets, one for each light fitting. Available in both parallel and series.

The wiring is embedded in polyurethane resin (IP67) for a reliable watertight connection, they are guaranteed for 5 years and come complete with bullet connectors (female) and adhesive-lined heatshrink when bought with our low voltage LED lights.

Gripple Tree Anchoring Kit

Installing trees in your build? Tree anchoring is an efficient and reliable method to anchor the trees underground and greatly improve the visual impact of the landscape. The trees will receive extra support without visible timber or stakes.

Available in three different kits from ourselves:
With the Driven fixing Installation is quick and simple, with the anchors driven into the ground manually using the Pro Drive installation tool. The root ball is then secured using the heavy-duty ratchet straps for easy tensioning.
The Concrete Fixing is a below ground tree anchoring system designed to stabilise newly planted trees where concrete flooring or containers are below the planting location. Features a strap tensioning system for ease of use and is supplied as a ready-to-use kit.
The Deadman system (Weighted Fixing) is a below ground tree anchoring system designed to stabilise newly
planted trees. For use when the driving of anchors is not
possible and a more traditional ballast system needs to
be used, for example, concrete blocks. Features a strap
tensioning system for ease of use and is supplied as a
ready-to-use kit.

Adjustable End-Line Potstream Drippers on Stake

Installing a micro irrigation system? Are you having a section of the planting potted? Why not add these ingenious little Potstreamer's into the run and utilise your system as efficiently as possible.

The Potstream is a side mounted watering solution for potted plants and containers. The adjustable gentle stream pattern minimises soil erosion and the variable flow rate and pattern radius allow for use in various pot sizes.

An essential for any pond installation and as part of the kit on your van. The PondoVac is ideal for customer use in order to keep their ponds clean and free of algae build-up. Available in two sizes:

The PondoVac 4 is the ideal choice for the contractor as it provides non-stop pond cleaning without delays even when the tank is emptying. It uses an innovative system of two-chambers which are filled and emptied in alternate cycles. When one chamber is full, a mechanical valve is activated by a float. This triggers emptying of the first chamber and allows the second to be filled.The PondoVac 5 is a more flexible alternative, providing the same non-stop pond cleaning but with a higher flow rate (8000 litres per hour), and built-in pump to carry away the waste water even up hill. It uses the same innovative system of two chambers which are filled and emptied in alternate cycles. It has an easy
connect discharge hose which can be used to pump
waste water up to 10m away, making it ideal for use
as a wet and dry vacuum around the house.

Oase SwimSkim Surface Skimmer

Often overlooked and essential for a healthy and happy pond. These innovative products from Oase are designed as stand alone units, and come with a built-in
re-circulating pump. They automatically adapt to the water level in the pond, and include an injector for oxygenating the water, which is great for improving pond health and water quality.

And that's our list! All products are available from us here at Landscapeplus; online at or over the phone on 01666 577577. Alternatively you can click the images above to be taken direct to the product on our website.