Recommended for you this Spring Irrigation season


With the days growing warmer and the frosty mornings becoming few & far between. We are all starting to look towards those Spring irrigation projects. In order to keep you in the know this season we have consulted with the in house team to get their recommendation for which Irrigation product they believe is essential to any installation or irrigation contractor.

First up Chis explains why every system should have a Rain Sensor:

"It always shocks me how many systems are installed without a rain sensor, key for any new or established irrigation system. In my opinion an irrigation system is installed to be automatic and as we all know over watering is as bad, if not worse, than under watering. A rain sensor can take care of this and also helps keep the water usage to a minimum!"

The Claber rain sensor is easy to fit and simply plugs into the Video-2 Plus, Video-6 Plus or Duplo timers, saving water by overriding the programs when it is raining, or if there has been high rainfall and the internal level reaches 5mm. When the water in the sensor evaporates, it automatically resumes to the pre-programmed settings. The rain sensor should be installed in an outdoor area directly exposed to rain using the stainless steel bracket provided. It can be located on the website by searching for Claber Rain Sensor or by searching for code CTA6250.

Ryan as gone with Irrigation filters:

"Such a simple addition to any setup that could save a big headache or the system to fail. An Irrigation system in my opinion should always have a filter added, it'll help take out any debris within the water that could the clog sprinklers or in line drip-pipe. Ideally I'd recommend a system filter at 100 micron but if this isn't possible an in-line filter will also help."

Filtration device designed to trap foreign particles in the water and reduce clogging of emitters. Features in-line model with single barb inlet and outlet, easily taken apart for cleaning and effective compact filter with minimal flow loss. Check out our tap based control pack filter (CTA1350), in-line 13mm filter (CTA1310) or manifold filter (UNA3420), ask the team to add a filter next time they're quoting an Irrigation system for you.

David explains why a Pressure Gauge Kit can save time:

"When quoting for irrigation systems and set-ups it is handy to know the pressure that our customer has on site. This will help us determine whether or not they have enough bar pressure to operate the system they require or need further products such as tank and pump sets."

We have put together this easy to use pressure gauge kit to help you accurately measure the water pressure from your outside tap. Simply screw the tap connector onto the outside tap, snap on the pressure gauge then slowly turn on the water supply to give you a reading in both BAR and PSI­­­­. It can be located on the website by searching for Pressure Gauge Kit or by searching for code TLS1012.

Sam highlights why quality is essential:

"The days of porous pipe (leaky hose), in my opinion are now gone. In-line drip pipe is a much more accurate and reliable method of irrigation. We've tested many brands, most of them offering good product but we've never found anything better than Techline - it's our go-to in-line drip pipe for a good reason, it's the best."

Techline is the world’s leading pressure-compensating, continuously self-cleaning in-line drip pipe. It is manufactured from dark brown UV resistant PE pipe, with a clever patented labyrinth dripper built into the pipe every 300mm. With each dripper emitting exactly 2.3 litres per hour, Techline is a very efficient system, and is particularly suited to watering large areas of permanent planting,

Paul explains why a Drain Valve is a useful addition:

"A threaded drain valve is a helpful addition to an irrigation system with changing weather conditions a cold snap of weather can be a nightmare for installers, these simple additions will allow water to drain from a system when not in use."

Threaded elbows offer a quick and easy way to connect pop-up sprinklers to the main pipe. Due to the higher pressure with pop-up systems, we recommend using ratchet clamps on all main pipe connections. Installed at the lowest point on the pipework, the drain valve will automatically drain the system, helping to protect it from frost.

Finally Nick talks about the Potstreamer from Antelco:

The Potstream is a side mounted watering solution for potted plants and containers. The adjustable gentle stream pattern minimises soil erosion and the variable flow rate and pattern radius allow for use in various pot sizes.

Hopefully these will help you with your next plan but remember if you get stuck you can always call or email our team who will be more than happy to help with anything from recommendations on specific products to helping you work through your plans.

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