Pre-Season & Pond Maintenance at Landscapeplus


It feels like just yesterday that I wishing you all ‘Happy New Year’ and now, I find myself full into pre-season mode!
With that said it's now time for most of you to replace UV lamps/quartz sleeves and sponges to make sure everything is running well for spring. It may also be worth descaling pumps with Oase pump clean solution. We will also be stocking up on Oase MudDrain dirty water pumps and PondoVacs as we believe these are a must have on anyone’s van for maintenance season.

We've made some exciting investments at the start of this year which should help benefit you moving forward. Towards the end of last year our management team were negotiating a new warehouse space for us. Having now moved into the new space we have doubled the size of our warehouse giving us to opportunity to hold more stock than ever before!

This year we have invested heavily in our Oase preseason order with the dreaded Brexit on the horizon (providing we ever get there!) we wanted to ensure we have stock throughout the season. It's the largest we have ever placed at Landscapeplus allowing us to get products to you quicker than ever before without the lead time from Germany. If there is anything you know you will be using a lot of in the coming months, let me know and I can guarantee stock levels stay high on those products.

So if you are planning a water feature or pond then call the office on 01666 577577, Ask to speak to Chris, or email me at and I’ll be glad to help.