It's Christmas Time!


As a final Blog of the year some of the team have looked back at their highlights of the year and what products they think will make an impact in 2019...

Chris Reynolds
Highlight of the year:

  • Working with Paul to host talks around the country with my last being a Pond & Water Feature based talk at Capel Manor College.

Product to look out for in 2019:

  • We're going to be launching a new lighting range within the UK that is going to be a game changer within the industry for budget conscious sites that still want a quality finish and great results.

Ryan Simmonds
Highlight of the year:

  • The Landscape Show & hands-on training days dealing directly with our customers. Putting faces to names is always good and I like assisting with helping customers learn a little more about our systems.

Product to looks out for in 2019:

  • Baffled & 'Dark Lighter' ground lights - I think the light being recessed further into the fitting is a massive advantage because you still get great output without the glare that you get from regular uplighters. I will be suggesting & quoting these a lot next year for customers.

David Atherton
Highlight of the year:

  • The Highlight of my year has been helping customer through issues onsite or with product information before they buy. Ensuring customers have the complete system is key.

Looking forward to in 2019:

  • We have some great changes to our website in the pipeline that should make purchasing and access to product information easier than ever and a new lighting range to look forward to!