What's new with Ponds & Water Features?


Ponds and water features are usually a key element in any garden but there are so many options and choices out there that it can feel a little daunting but you needn't worry, we're here to help.

If you're planning any kind of water feature or pond then you can call Chris [Reynolds] at any time and he'll help you select the right product so that you end up with the water feature you want and the reliability you need.

Chris is our in-house pond expert and having been with Landscapeplus for over 4 years he's developed an amazing understanding of ponds and the requirements involved to keep them healthy. He's now taken that knowledge to a new level and now hosts the Landscapeplus Skills Workshops all over the country where pond specialists and landscape contractors can come along and get hand-on with the product.

The Landscapeplus Skills Workshops are strictly trade only the only workshops in the UK that are supported by Oase. Our workshops range from introduction days where you can learn about pond liner installation, transitions and filtration to days specifically planned for aquatic specialists.

In this weeks blog we've asked Chris to outline some of the new products to look out for within our range:

  1. New Oase Aquarium Eco Expert - The Aquarius Eco Expert is a powerful fountain pump that impresses through its low energy consumption. It requires up to 30% less energy than the predecessor model, with the same great results.
  2. New Oase AquaMax Eco Expert - The new AquaMax really is the next generation of powerhouse energy-efficient pumps perfect for use on large filter systems or watercourses
  3. FlexSeal - A great 'get out of jail' product that should be on every van. The range is ideal for the connection of pipes with differing outside diameters whether due to the different pipe materials or pipe sizes, and also for use on smaller diameter pipes in most low/non pressure plumbing applications
  4. New Oase Compact L Drum Filter - After the success of the BioTec Premium & Proficlear Compact Oase have launched the compact-L featuring a full size drum chamber & moving bed giving easy installation for bigger filter units
  5. Inline PhosLess binders - A great addition to a filter system, give Chris a call to see how this can help reduce phosphate values in your pond or feature
  6. Solvent Weld - We've recently added to our existing solvent weld range & will be listing the whole range to our website in the coming weeks - in stock and ready to go!
  7. New MudDrain dirty water pumps - Oase launched their range of utility pumps last year & this one has to be our favourite of the bunch; The ProMax MudDrain is a robust design with stainless steel housing, can move up to 30,000 litres of water per hour and handle solids up to 40mm in diameter, perfect to clearing a pond or flooded area on site

So if you're keen to know more or are planning a water feature or pond, then call the office on 01666 577577 and speak to Chris and he'll be glad to help.