The SGD Awards & Spring Conference 2018


We're pleased to announce that for the first time, Landscapeplus will be headline sponsor of the Society of Garden Designers, Spring Conference, held at The Royal Geographical Society, South Kensington on Saturday 21st April 2018.

The focus for Spring Conference, "A LIGHT TOUCH: the expertise of understatement; will illustrate how the rigorous study of a site and consideration of its context and situation in the landscape enables a vision to strengthen design creativity."

The speakers: Michael Vergason, Dr Catherine Heatherington, Ulf Nordfiell, Rick Darke and Julie Bargmann will share their work and provide a personal interpretation and vision of the landscape.

Sam, Nick and Paul will also be at the conference to show garden designers how we can help with lighting, irrigation & water features during the design stage of a project and help eliminate the "risk" associated with adding new elements to your designs.

You might know that we've been closely associated with Society for a number of years and have always enjoyed meeting, talking to and working with SGD groups throughout the UK. So if you'd like us to visit your local group, then let us know and we'll gladly to drop by for an afternoon or evening to answer your questions and provide a little guidance about integrating lighting, irrigation or pond systems into your designs.

"Thank you so much for coming to talk to us last night. It’s so valuable to see ideas for projects and to get the background detail on how to achieve them. It’s certainly sown the seed of ideas for future work. Everyone appreciates how open with advice your team are."
Karen Willoughby Design - SGD

If you're interested, then you can either call the office or grab Paul or Sam at the SGD Awards this Friday if you're going.