10 great landscaping products for your business


Kicking off 2018 we're highlighting 10 products that we know you'll love; they'll make your job easier, they'll make your gardens better and you'll probably end up buying them again and again.

  1. Ground Mounting Stakes
    • Great additional products to any lighting system, giving you the option to mount JB's, Transformers, Power Supplies or even Remote Control systems above ground for easy maintenance.
  2. Twinwall Flexible Conduit

    • A hidden product that should be on every site! Even when it's not initially required it's always worth future proofing for any additions it could save a real headache.
  3. Surface Protection Board

    • Admittedly not the most exciting of products but useful all the same, supplied in a 1m x 50m roll making it easy to transport and have on the van to protect interior and exterior surtfaces.
  4. CT1 Exterior Adhesive Sealant

    • CT1 is a single replacement for mastic, silicone and adhesives - all in one tube and is a real ‘get you out of trouble’ product that every van should carry.
  5. LightPro Plug & Play LED Lights

    • LightPro is a great new range with unique award winning twist connectors meaning you can install this simple system without the need for electrician's costs.
  6. Hunter Pro-HC Outdoor Controller

    • This NEW range of irrigation controllers from Hunter gives you the ability to manage your irrigation system effortlessly from anywhere in the world by using a smart device or web browser with Hydrawise web-based software.
  7. Oase Premium Drum Filters

    • The NEW generation compact drum filters are the more cost-effective alternative for bodies of water up to 80 m³. Give Chris our in-house pond expert a call to find out more.
  8. Duragarden In-line Drip Pipe

    • Our NEW Duragarden in-line drip pipe is a brilliant trade alternative to our best selling Techline Professional In-line Drip Pipe.
  9. Gripple Tree Anchors

    • Having launched the successful tree anchoring kits Gripple have now extended this range to offer, Tree Guying Kits along with weighted and concrete (DM) anchoring kits.
  10. Geka
    • A Irrigation professionals favourite, perfect for setting up temporary Irrigation systems & a range that will be developing before this years Irrigation season.

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