Learning Is Earning


At Futurescapes last November, Landscapeplus hosted a garden lighting Q&A session with a panel consisting of a garden designer (Anoushka Feiler, Bestique), a landscape contractor (Peter Langton, Hiller Landscapes), a lighting installer (Rob Webber, Scenic Lighting) and a product specialist (Paul Willavoys, Landscapeplus).

The event was very well attended, particularly by garden designers and the feedback was that they were hungry for more information, specifically the knowledge to enable them to talk with confidence to their clients and their contractors.

We currently spend a lot of time “guesting” at the Society of Garden Designers and BALI cluster group events where we pitch up and spend an informal hour or two outlining the best ways to incorporate garden irrigation, lighting and water features into gardens. We’ve found that the close interaction with smallish groups encourages discussion/debate and enables anyone to ask anything they like in an open, relaxed environment.

We also like to focus on the subject specifically from the viewpoint of whomever we're talking to whether that's a group of garden designers, contractors or electricians because the each have a different agenda and face different issues when building gardens.

So, this is might be where we can help you and your business because the more you know, the more you'll grow.

If you want to learn more about how to design, install or maintain garden lighting, garden irrigation or water features then call Paul now on 01666 577577.

Then, depending upon your business, your situation and your experience, he'll be able to help you and/or your colleagues develop your knowledge, help you grow your business and show you how to get the right results using lighting, irrigation or water features in every garden you build.