Aquascape Colour Changing Smart Control Hub

The Aquascape Colour Changing Smart Control Hub is required to run and control Aquascape colour change lights, controlling your lights from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet using the Aquascape Smart Control App. The hub is capable of a variety of lighting functions, such as colour selection, cycle, dimming, colour themes, and dynamic scheduling. The astronomical timer function allows lights to be turned on and off automatically based on the location of the project. The integrated, weather-proof, quick connect fittings make setup quick and easy. Simply plug in your lights, pair the hub to your products, and enjoy. Create lighting zones or control separate sets of lights simultaneously by using multiple hubs, further expanding the variety of lighting options.

Each hub can control up to 150w of Aquascape colour changing lights, along with a 12v transformer which is required to power the Smart Control Hub and lights. Use Aquascape colour-changing splitters and extension cables to connect multiple lights to one hub.

NOTE: the Smart Control Hub is only compatible with Aquascape colour change lights. The Smart Control Hub is compatible with iPhone and Android operating systems and adequate wireless coverage is required (2.4 GHz supported). The Smart Control Hub is backed by a 5-year limited warranty to ensure years of reliable use.


Dimmable Yes
Power Source 12v Transformer
Aquascape Colour Changing Smart Control Hub
Product Code: ASL8812