Aquascape Patio Ponds - round

The Aquascape Patio Ponds allow anyone to enjoy the sound and beauty of a miniature water garden. They are ideal for patios, decking, courtyards, balconies and roof terraces thanks to their small footprint. The Patio Ponds should be decorated with aquatic plants to not only help keep the water clean, but to provide a beautiful and inviting aesthetic. A water lily is ideal for the centre of the Patio Pond, along with other marginal plants placed around the edges and on the integrated shelf. You can get creative with you aquatic planting, but Aquascape recommend using a mix of large, small and floating plants.

Installation is easy as the Patio Ponds are a standalone item, however they do require rinsing before being used to remove any debris from the manufacturing or transportation process. Once this is done, simply fill with water and start adding your decorations. Along with the planting, you can add a water feature or lighting of your choice, with stones and gravel added to keep the lighting in place. The cable for these can be hidden away and trailed out of the Patio Pond thanks to the removable notch built into each bowl.

Adding a water feature to the Patio Ponds wont just provide the tranquil sound of moving water. It also promotes the introduction of oxygen to the water which in turn helps bacteria to thrive and break down excess nutrients into compounds that can then be absorbed by the aquatic plants, helping them to thrive as well. This creates a more sustainable ecosystem and reduces how often maintenance is required.

A few small fish can be added to the Patio Ponds, but Aquascape do recommend adding filtration to ensure the water remains healthy and excess nutrients do not build up due to fish waste. To help with water quality and excess nutrients, Aquascape also recommend a 15% water change weekly - this only takes a few minutes and helps the water stay clean and clear.

Constructed from fibre-resin, these Patio Ponds have all the beauty of real stone but with the added durability of fibre-glass. They are available in Green Slate and Desert Granite by default but also available in European Terra Cotta upon request - please contact us for more information.
Aquascape Patio Pond - round - green slate - 82cm (32")
Product Code: ASW6012
Diameter 820mm; height 355mm; volume 76 litres (approx.)
Aquascape Patio Pond - round - desert granite - 82cm (32")
Product Code: ASW6022
Diameter 820mm; height 355mm; volume 76 litres (approx.)