DBR/Y-6 Gel Filled Decoder Cable Connectors

These gel filled cable connectors are ideal for use within solenoid irrigation systems. For example, they are required within the Hunter decoder systems to ensure that a secure and waterproof connection is made between the 2-core decoder cable, single station decoder and 24v solenoid valve.

Simply place the ends of the copper wires, with the insulation stripped roughly 20mm, into the red/yellow connector piece and then simply tighten until the cables are securely twisted together within the connector. Once this step is complete, the red/yellow connector should be pushed all the way to the bottom of the gel filled tube, where the connector will be completely submerged within the silicone gel. Finally, push the closing cap over the top of the wires to keep them in the desired location, preventing tension on the wires from pulling the red/yellow connector back up the tube.

DBR/Y-6 gel filled decoder cable connector - single
Product Code: ELA9450