Hunter EZ-1 Single Station Decoders

These Hunter EZ-1 single station decoders are designed to be used within the innovative Hunter decoder systems, and should be used in conjunction with the plug-in Hunter EZ decoder modules and either the ICC2 or HCC irrigation controllers.

The Hunter EZ-1 single station decoders are programmed using the programming port on the decoder modules within the controller, either through the dials and buttons on the front of the ICC2 controller or the Hydrawise app for the HCC controller. Once programmed, the single station decoders are numbered, then wired to the 2-core cable and the relevant 24v solenoid valve using gel filled connectors.

The Hunter decoder installation guide can be found here.

Dimensions: Height 70mm; Width 40mm; Depth 20mm


Guarantee 3 Years
IP Rating IP68
Powered By 24v irrigation controller
Hunter EZ-1 single station decoder
Product Code: UNC2688
RRP: £80.62
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