Collingwood LED Cone Up/Down Wall Lights - black - 240v

New in 2020, these mains voltage fittings from Collingwood are designed to be affordable, without sacrificing build quality or reliability. With a 5 year warranty and an expected lamp life of 30,000 hours, they are built to withstand varying outdoor conditions while also providing a pleasant aesthetic and effect.

With a modern contemporary design, the Collingwood Cone up/down wall lights illuminate both upwards and downwards, making them perfect for doorways or entrances, or for highlighting key architectural features. They can be mounted with the wider side (26° beam angle) or the more narrow side (22° beam angle) facing upwards depending on the preferred aesthetic and specific requirements of the project.

Dimensions: height of body 170mm; max width of body 140mm; max depth of body 100mm (approx)


Beam Angle 22 Degrees (thin side)
Beam Angle 26 Degrees (wide side)
Guarantee 5 Years
IP Rating IP54
Lamp Life 30,000h
Light Colour (Kelvin) 3,000k (w/white)
Light Material/Colour Black Anodised Aluminium
Lumen Output 350 lm (w/white)
Power Consumption 5.7w
Power Source 240v Mains
Wiring Required Parallel
Collingwood Cone up/down wall light - black - 5.7w - 240v - w/white LED (22°/26°)
Product Code: LGC6722
RRP: £173.63
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