Hunter Node Bluetooth Solenoid Irrigation Controllers

These Hunter bluetooth solenoid controllers are designed to provide a hidden yet user-friendly alternative to the 9v XC Hybrid based irrigation systems. They are available in either a 1 station, 2 station, or 4 station model depending on the number of solenoid valves that require switching. Once wired, the controller can be programmed using the Hunter NODE-BT smartphone app, which connects to the unit using bluetooth. Each station of the controller can store up to 3 separate programmes per day, where the start time and run time of the cycles can be set. The cycles can also be programmed to run on any chosen days of the week.

With a connection available for a Hunter soil moisture probe as well as a connection for either a Hunter Mini-Clik or Freeze-Clik sensor, the Node-BT has the capability to adjust the programmed irrigation cycles based on the current weather conditions. Thanks to the small circular clip, these controllers can easily be mounted to pipes or to the coil of a solenoid valve in the valve box, keeping it away from the soil below. Only one 9v battery is required, but two can be inserted to extend length of time before maintenance is required.

Dimensions: Ø of body 89mm; height 83mm (approx)


Guarantee 2 Years
IP Rating IP68
Max. Bluetooth Range 15 metres
Number of Stations 1, 2 or 4
Powered By 1 x 9v battery
Sensor Inputs 2
Voltage (output) 9v
Hunter Node bluetooth 1 station controller - 9v
Product Code: UNC2240
RRP: £121.66
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Hunter Node bluetooth 2 station controller - 9v
Product Code: UNC2242
RRP: £172.37
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Hunter Node bluetooth 4 station controller - 9v
Product Code: UNC2244
RRP: £214.82
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