FestoonPro End Plugs

This product is one of those you didn’t realise you needed, but once you have it you can never be without.

When installing festoon harnesses, you can sometimes find that you have too many sockets at the end, but what do you do with them? Up until now you would need to fill the excess sockets with unnecessary extra lamps or fasten the cable in an awkward fashion, ruining the aesthetic of the installation. The festoon end plug caps off the unwanted spare sockets along the harness and allows a more discreet and safe finishing.

The festoon end plug is also convenient for making blank sections within a run whereby a group of illuminated lamps are not required or by increasing the socket spacing such as from 500mm to 1m, therefore avoiding re-investment in new harnesses.
FestoonPro end plug - (E27)
Product Code: STL9626
RRP: £3.32
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