ACO HexDrain® Downpipe Connectors

The ACO HexDrain® Downpipe Connectors are the ideal solution for connecting downpipes from house or shed guttering to your ACO drainage system. This allows rainwater to be harvested by the drainage system if required, or simply piped away to a soakaway. They are compatible with the ACO HexDrain® and HexDrain® BrickSlot drainage systems.

These simple connectors slot easily onto the top of the ACO HexDrain® and HexDrain® BrickSlot corner units, enabling the downpipe to be push-fit directly into the corner unit easily and neatly. There are two options available to suit either 65mm square downpipes or 68mm circular downpipes.
ACO HexDrain® downpipe connector - 65mm square
Product Code: DRA1044
ACO HexDrain® downpipe connector - 68mm round
Product Code: DRA1046