Aquascape Low Voltage Splitters

The Aquascape Low Voltage Splitters provide a solution for connecting multiple Aquascape light fittings to a single Aquascape transformer. Utilising the quick-connect style twist connectors makes installation simple and easy, and removes the need to splice and connect cables manually.

Multiple 3-way/6-way splitters can be chained together to attach additional fixtures as required. The 2.4m and 11m cable length respectively makes it easy to manoeuvre the splitters during installation.

For colour changing lights and systems, the Aquascape Colour Changing Splitters should be used instead.
Aquascape Low Voltage 3-Way Splitter with twist connectors - 3 outlets
Product Code: ASL8113
Cable length 2.4m (approx.)
Aquascape Low Voltage 6-Way Splitter with twist connectors - 6 outlets
Product Code: ASL8116
Cable length 11m (approx.)