Aquascape Alkalinity Booster With Phosphate Binder

The Aquascape Alkalinity Booster with Phosphate Binder effectively increases overall KH and alkalinity, as well as binding excess levels of phosphates to fight against algae growth and eutrophication.

KH and alkalinity are both measures of carbonates and bicarbonates in the water. These compounds increase the buffering capacity of the pond water allowing the pond to neutralise acids. To put it in layman's terms, increasing buffering capacity protects the pond from wild fluctuations in pH which creates healthier conditions for fish.

Phosphates are a key nutrient that algae utilise to grow and thrive, essentially acting as a fertiliser. They can enter the ecosystem through general and agricultural run-off, so over time these levels can grow higher and higher in concentration if not dealt with. This can cause algae to grow out of control and eutrophication to begin, which can cause conditions to spiral out of control which in turn destroys the ecosystem. To prevent the concentration of phosphates from getting out of control, they can be bound together into solids that fall out of solution, in other words not dissolved in the water. This turns them into a harmless sediment that simply drops to the bottom of the pond where it cannot be accessed by algae cells.

Aquascape Alkalinity Booster with Phosphate Binder is lab tested, pharmaceutical grade, and dissolves completely and easily in pond water, making application simple and easy. The treatment is phosphate and ammonia free.

Before dosing, it is recommended that you use an Aquascape KH/Alkalinity Test Kit to determine how much Alkalinity Booster is required. Dosing instructions can be found on the "Directions For Use" PDF on this page.
Aquascape Alkalinity Booster with Phosphate Binder - 1.1lb (500g)
Product Code: ASA6296
Aquascape Alkalinity Booster with Phosphate Binder - 9lb (4.1kg)
Product Code: ASA6298