Divertron Pumps

Redesigned in 2023 with a 30% reduction in power consumption, the DAB Divertron range of submersible pumps are amongst the most reliable and most efficient irrigation pumps on the market. They are ideal for use in rainwater harvesting tanks to feed irrigation systems. Designed to be installed vertically, the standard Divertron 900 features a fixed intake that pulls water from the pumps internal intake that is hidden beneath the technopolymer mesh. The Divertron 900X however features a threaded inlet to enable the connection of a floating intake (available separately).

Floating intakes are a great option for rainwater harvesting systems as the float allows water to be pulled from the top of the tank, preventing sediment and silt entering internals of the pump. This is especially important if the harvested water flowing into the tank is not filtered before entering the tank.

Dimensions: length 534mm; width 160mm

  • Automatic Switching - these pumps feature an internal pressure switch and flow sensor that enable automatic on/off switching of the pump. The pressure switch detects when any valves are opened downstream, allowing the built-in control electronics to turn the pump on to supply water to the irrigation system. This design means that no pump start relays are required for Divertron fed irrigation systems.
  • Dry Run Protection - the automatic switching electronics also feature dry run protection, preventing the pump from turning on when insufficient water is present in the tank.
  • Overheating Protection - the internal motors feature overheating protection, turning the pump off before the heat begins to damage the internals of the pump.
  • Corrosion & Oxidation Resistance - utilising advanced technopolymers, the body of the pumps and internal impellers are highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation and are designed to last in submerged conditions. The mesh filter covering the intake, which was previously constructed from stainless steel, has also been replaced by even longer lasting technopolymer.
  • Head Height - the Divertron 900 pumps are capable of pumping up to a head height of 45m.
  • Built-In Non-Return Valves - the built-in non-return valve ensures quick and safe initial installation, allowing immediate priming.
  • Compact Body - the diameter of the Divertron pumps are 160mm at their widest, making them easy to move in and out of the any tanks.
  • Improved Motor Design - the new and improved motor within the Divertron pumps features higher performance with reduced power consumption.
  • High Efficiency Impellers - Constructed from the aforementioned technopolymer, the impellers have been redesigned based on in-depth research into fluid dynamics. The result of this is a further increase to efficiency and a further reduction in power consumption.


Cable Length 15m
Max. immersion depth 12m
Maximum Flow Rate (H) 6000 l/h
Maximum Flow Rate (Min) 100 l/min
Outlet Thread 1" BSP - female
Power Source 240v Mains
Temperature Range 0°c to +40°c
Divertron 900 pump
Product Code: RNP2010
Inlet located beneath black technopolymer strainer
Divertron 900X pump
Product Code: RNP2012
Threaded inlet to allow connection to a floating intake
Floating intake (for Divertron 900X)
Product Code: RNP9012