Aquascape Faux Basalt Column Sets

Aquascape "Fountainscape" System:
Water features add intrigue and movement to gardens, as well as the soothing sound of water. When done correctly they can be a real focal point of a garden design. The Aquascape "Fountainscape" system is designed to ensure consistent, reliable and long lasting water feature installations. The system consists of a AquaBasin water feature reservoir, which houses a pump that feeds water to a free standing feature placed on top of the reservoir. The water then cascades down the water feature before spilling back into the reservoir.

Aquascape Faux Basalt Column Sets:
The Aquascape Faux Basalt Columns are a simple and effective way to introduce the sound of moving water to any sized garden. They are supplied as a set of 3 columns, with heights of 61cm, 76cm and 91cm (24"/30"/36") to add additional interest to the aesthetic of the finished water feature. These water features are ideal for use within the Aquascape Fountainscape system.

Each column is moulded from real Mongolian basalt stones and are handmade and painted in the USA using fiberglass and resin to provide a realistic and durable fountain. Real basalt is extremely heavy and as a result can be difficult to move and install, whilst the lightweight nature of the faux basalt columns makes transport and installation quick and easy. Each column also includes a convenient base to help secure them in place, which can be done using decorative stones and gravel.

Included with this set are three pieces of tubing that install easily into the recessed area at the top of each column, with the other end connecting directly to the pump. If desired, Aquascape Fountain Lights can be easily implemented to illuminate the water bubbling out of the features. This set of 3 columns is best paired with the Aquascape AquaBasin® 45 reservoir and an Ultra 8000 water feature pump for a simple, complete setup. The Ultra 8000 pumps are supplied with 3-way splitters to allow each column to be supplied with water, all from one compact pump.


Guarantee 1 Year
Material Fibre-Resin Composite
Aquascape Faux Basalt Columns - set of 3 - 61/76/91cm (24"/30"/36") columns
Product Code: ASW3132
Each column is supplied with 6ft of tubing for connecting to your pump