Aquascape Scalloped Urn Water Features

Aquascape "Fountainscape" System:
Water features add intrigue and movement to gardens, as well as the soothing sound of water. When done correctly they can be a real focal point of a garden design. The Aquascape "Fountainscape" system is designed to ensure consistent, reliable and long lasting water feature installations. The system consists of a AquaBasin water feature reservoir, which houses a pump that feeds water to a free standing feature placed on top of the reservoir. The water then cascades down the water feature before spilling back into the reservoir.

Aquascape Scalloped Urn Water Features:
The Aquascape Scalloped Urn water features are designed to look like real ceramic urns, but are actually constructed from durable fibre-resin composite. This choice of material makes them far lighter and therefore more user friendly when installing them on site. These water features are ideal for use within the Aquascape Fountainscape system.

Shipped in two separate sections, they are easily slotted together on site with no tools required. The top section features a built-in basin that fills with water before spilling over the sides of the Scalloped Urn. The basin is constructed with four baffles that reduce water velocity and help to achieve even flow across all sides of the feature. The design of the basin element means that only the small basin needs to be filled for the water feature to circulate, rather than filling the whole urn. This both reduces the volume demands of the reservoir and reduces back pressure on the pump.

Also supplied with each water feature is a 5ft (1.5m) length of clear 19mm flexible tubing. This tubing features a disc on one end that slots perfectly into the inlet of the basin. The other end of the tubing can then be connected to your pipework of choice.

For a more secure installation, we recommend placing some weight inside the lowest section of the water feature eg. bagged gravel or stones. This helps keep the fountain in place.


Guarantee 1 Year
Material Fibre-Resin Composite
Aquascape Scalloped Urn water feature - medium - 114cm (45") urn
Product Code: ASW3014
Diameter 685mm; Height 1143mm