Aquascape Waterfall Spillway Header Units

Aquascape "Pondless Waterfall" System:
The Aquascape "Pondless Waterfall" system starts with a hidden lined water reservoir constructed from AquaBlox and pond liner. A pump, housed within a Pondless Waterfall pump vault for easy access, is then used to pump water from the reservoir to a Waterfall Spillway. The Waterfall Spillway is installed atop a watercourse or rockway, allowing the water to return back to the underground reservoir. This closed system creates sounds and ambience within the garden, and is especially suited to gardens where space is limited or where the landscape is already to a watercourse.

Aquascape Waterfall Spillway Header Units:
The Aquascape Waterfall Spillways are designed to be installed at the top of a lined watercourse or waterfall, for pumped water to spill from in a consistent and controlled manor. The heavy-duty construction allows the whole unit to be covered by stones, rocks, slabs, logs or other landscaping materials without risk of damage. This versatility allows any number of potential installation options, allowing incredibly unique watercourses to be created to suit each project.

They feature a 2" inlet at the rear of the unit to allow a simple connection to both spiral or PVC pipework, and come with all the necessary fittings to create a water-tight transition through the liner. The inside of the unit contains strategically positioned barriers that help to create a consistent and smooth flow of water.


Guarantee 1 Year
Inlet Thread 2"
Aquascape Waterfall Spillway header unit - 30cm (12")
Product Code: ASW1212
Length 267mm; Width 355mm; Height 127mm; Spillway width 300mm; Max. flow rate 15,000 l/hour
Aquascape Waterfall Spillway header unit - 56cm (22")
Product Code: ASW1222
Length 445mm; Width 610mm; Height 127mm; Spillway width 560mm; Max. flow rate 28,000 l/hour