Aquascape AquaBasin® Water Feature Reservoirs

Aquascape "Fountainscape" System:
Water features add intrigue and movement to gardens, as well as the soothing sound of water. When done correctly they can be a real focal point of a garden design. The Aquascape "Fountainscape" system is designed to ensure consistent, reliable and long lasting water feature installations. The system consists of a AquaBasin water feature reservoir, which houses a pump that feeds water to a free standing feature placed on top of the reservoir. The water then cascades down the water feature before spilling back into the reservoir.

Aquascape AquaBasin® Water Feature Reservoirs:
Although hidden from view after installation, reservoirs are a crucial part of any water feature system. They not only hold the water for the feature, but also house the pump that feeds the water feature. Constructed from UV protected, professional-grade HDPE (high density polyethylene), the AquaBasin® 30 and 45 reservoirs are designed to maximise volume, water catchment and strength, while still remaining light enough to easily move into position on site.

Despite weighing in at just 10kg and 27kg, they are able to support a maximum load of 226kg and 680kg respectively, all thanks to their built-in internal supports. They can also hold a large volume of water, reducing the risk of the pump running dry due to evaporation or water loss. The top of the reservoirs are cleverly designed with many raised circular elements for increased strength and rigidity. These can be drilled through with a core drill to enable pipe work or power cable to be run to the base of the water feature.

To install these reservoirs, simply excavate the correct sized hole and place the reservoir in. The sides of the hole should then be backfilled with soil and tamped down to keep the reservoir securely in place, ensuring the reservoir remains level on all sides using a spirit level. A "bib liner" can be created and attached around the reservoir to increase the catchment size, further reducing water loss. Once installed, rocks and stones can be used to cover up the black plastic while still allowing water to return to the reservoir.

Pumps can be housed within the corner section of the reservoir that features a lid to allow easy access to the inside of the reservoir. This lead also features a cut-out for power cable entry into the reservoir, allowing the cable to be hidden out of sight.


Guarantee 1 Year
Material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Aquascape AquaBasin 30 water feature reservoir - 102 litres
Product Code: ASW1032
Length 762mm; Width 762mm; Height 304mm; Max. load 226kg; Max. flow rate 151 l/min
Aquascape AquaBasin 45 water feature reservoir - 370 litres
Product Code: ASW1038
Length 1130mm; Width 1130mm; Height 406mm; Max. load 680kg; Max. flow rate 250 l/min