Aquascape Ultra Water Feature Pumps

About Aquascape:
Aquascape Inc. was created in 1991 by owner and CEO Greg Wittstock, also known as "The Pond Guy", when he began building ponds around Chicago during breaks in the school year. The Aquascape ethos is to connect people to water, whilst working with nature instead of fighting against it. Aquascape pond systems utilise the natural bacterial processes within ponds to keep the water healthy and crystal clear, often incorporating water courses and rockways to imitate the positive impact of a natural stream.

Aquascape "Fountainscape" System:
Water features add intrigue and movement to gardens, as well as the soothing sound of water. When done correctly they can be a real focal point of a garden design. The Aquascape "Fountainscape" system is designed to ensure consistent, reliable and long lasting water feature installations. The system consists of a AquaBasin water feature reservoir, which houses a pump that feeds water to a free standing feature placed on top of the reservoir. The water then cascades down the water feature before spilling back into the reservoir.

Aquascape Ultra Water Feature Pumps:
Ideal for use within the Aquascape Fountainscape system, these Ultra water feature pumps are an energy efficient and compact solution for feeding water to water features. These magnetically driven fixed flow pumps feature a pre-filter cage and sponge that prevents large particles from entering the pump, helping to prevent damage or blockages. Thanks to their compact design they can easily be used within the Aquascape AquaBasin reservoirs, with built-in rubber feet to help reduce vibrations and noise.

The Ultra 800 is constructed with a ½" female threaded outlet and is supplied with a range of threaded hose tails for connecting to ½", ¾", 1" or 1¼" pipework. The Ultra 2000 meanwhile is constructed with a ¾" female threaded outlet, and can be connected to ¾", 1", 1¼" or 1½" hose.


Cable Length 7.6m
Guarantee 3 Years
Aquascape Ultra 800 water feature pump - ½" female
Product Code: ASP3008
Length 152mm; Width 102mm; Height 102mm; Max. flow rate 3,000 l/hour; Max. head height 2.7m; Thread size ½" female; Power consumption 58w
Aquascape Ultra 2000 water feature pump - ¾" female
Product Code: ASP3020
Length 241mm; Width 152mm; Height 178mm; Max. flow rate 7,500 l/hour; Max. head height 6.1m; Thread size ¾" female; Power consumption 250w