Aquascape SLD Adjustable Pond Pumps

About Aquascape:
Aquascape Inc. was created in 1991 by owner and CEO Greg Wittstock, also known as "The Pond Guy", when he began building ponds around Chicago during breaks in the school year. The Aquascape ethos is to connect people to water, whilst working with nature instead of fighting against it. Aquascape pond systems utilise the natural bacterial processes within ponds to keep the water healthy and crystal clear, often incorporating water courses and rockways to imitate the positive impact of a natural stream.

Aquascape SLD Adjustable Pond Pumps:
The Aquascape SLD Adjustable pond pumps are ideal for feeding filtration systems, waterfalls, fountains and more. Their compact design allows them to be housed within the Signature Series Skimmers to pump water to a BioFalls filter when used in an Aquascape Ecosystem pond, or within a pump vault when used in a Pondless Waterfall application.

As the name suggests, the SLD pond pumps are adjustable thanks to the included Smart Control Receiver. The receiver plugs directly into mains power, while the pump is then plugged into the receiver using provided twist connectors. The Smart Control Receiver can be used to electronically reduce the flow rate of the pump, either using the buttons on the receiver itself or through the use of the mobile phone Aquascape Smart Control App. Adequate Wi-Fi coverage is required for the receiver to connect successfully. 2.4 GHz networks are supported.

The SLD 4000 - 7000 can be adjusted between 15,000 and 27,000 litres per hour, while the SLD 5000 - 9000 can be adjusted between 19,000 and 36,200 litres per hour.

These pumps do not include a hose tail and so require a separate 2" male threaded hose tail to connect to your spiral hose. Aquascape recommend using 50mm (2") pipework with these pumps.


Adjustment Electronically dimmable
Cable Length 6m
Guarantee 3 Years
Thread Size 2" (female)
Aquascape SLD 4000 - 7000 adjustable pond pump - 2" female
Product Code: ASP1240
Length 330mm; Width 159mm; Height 178mm; Max. flow rate 27,000 l/hour; Max. head height 7.6m
Aquascape SLD 5000 - 9000 adjustable pond pump - 2" female
Product Code: ASP1250
Length 330mm; Width 159mm; Height 178mm; Max. flow rate 36,200 l/hour; Max. head height 10.0m