Aquascape Ecosystem BioFalls Filters

Aquascape "Ecosystem" Pond System:
The Aquascape "Ecosystem" pond system is designed to maintain excellent water quality by utilising the power of the natural bacteria present in our ponds and giving these bacteria the conditions they require to thrive. The system consists of a skimmer to remove larger particles, before the water is pumped to a BioFalls filter. The BioFalls filter is the heart of the system, containing a filter mat and (optional) biological media, providing further mechanical filtration as well as a large surface area for bacteria to grow on. The filtered water is then returned to the pond, either directly or via a watercourse. Rocks and gravel are also placed within the pond itself to provide further habitat for bacteria, whist plants can be used to help maintain oxygen levels.

Aquascape Signature Series BioFalls Filters:
The Signature Series BioFalls filters allow pond filtration to be buried and disguised into the landscape to provide a completely natural aesthetic, while also allowing watercourses to be created to improve water quality and provide sound and beauty to the garden. These low maintenance filters work with nature and natural biological processes, resulting in crystal clear, oxygen rich and ultimately healthy water.

The pumped water from the skimmer enters the swirl chamber at the base of the BioFalls filter, causing the water level to rise as well as allowing larger solid particles to settle out. The water then passes through the filter mat within chamber as the water level rises, which not only mechanically filters small particles but also utilises bacteria to improve water quality by removing excess nutrients from the water. Aquascape BioBalls filter media (not provided) should also be added above the filter mat to provide more surface area for bacteria to further improve filtration. Each 1½" diameter BioBall provides a whopping 19" of surface area.

The BioFalls 1000 filter features a standard filter mat that provides good surface area for bacteria, while the BioFalls 2500 and 6000 filters feature an improved version with a special coating over each strand within the mat. This special coating increases surface area by an incredible 50% to allow more sites for bacteria to develop and reproduce, massively improving the potential for biological filtration.

The BioFalls 1000 filters are constructed with a single bulkhead inlet into the swirl chamber, while the 2500 and 6000 models feature two inlets. This enables two skimmers/pumps to be connected to the single BioFalls for higher flow rate applications. In applications where one skimmer/pump is sufficient, the pipework can be connected to the more convenient of the two inlets, with the remaining inlet simply being blanked off.

Once installed in place, the BioFalls filters can be easily hidden out of sight using stones, slabs or planting. The filter can be placed atop a watercourse, allowing the filtered water to cascade back to the pond, increasing oxygen levels within the water to encourage healthy bacterial processes. The water should re-enter the pond on the opposite side of the skimmer as this will maximise water circulation.


Guarantee 1 Year
Material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Aquascape Signature Series BioFalls 1000 filter - single 2" inlet (boxed)
Product Code: ASF1012
Length 445mm; Width 520mm; Height 432mm; Spillway width 381mm; Max. flow rate 11,400 l/h
Aquascape Signature Series BioFalls 2500 filter - dual 2" inlet (boxed)
Product Code: ASF1022
Length 610mm; Width 750mm; Height 508mm; Spillway width 546mm; Max. flow rate 18,900 l/h
Aquascape Signature Series BioFalls 6000 filter - dual 3" inlet (unboxed)
Product Code: ASF1034
Length 1016mm; Width 1143mm; Height 749mm; Spillway width 711mm; Max. flow rate 56,800 l/h