Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Skimmers

Aquascape "Ecosystem" Pond System:
The Aquascape "Ecosystem" pond system is designed to maintain excellent water quality by utilising the power of the natural bacteria present in our ponds and giving these bacteria the conditions they require to thrive. The system consists of a skimmer to remove larger particles, before the water is pumped to a BioFalls filter. The BioFalls filter is the heart of the system, containing a filter mat and (optional) biological media, providing further mechanical filtration as well as a large surface area for bacteria to grow on. The filtered water is then returned to the pond, either directly or via a watercourse. Rocks and gravel are also placed within the pond itself to provide further habitat for bacteria, whist plants can be used to help maintain oxygen levels.

Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers:
The Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers are built into the edge of the pond at a specific height, allowing the surface water to enter the skimmer chamber along with any floating debris such as small twigs, leaves or grass clippings. The water then passes through a net / filter basket (depending on the chosen model) to collect the debris, before being pumped over to an Aquascape BioFalls filter. The skimmer houses the pump which is kept submerged below the water level in the skimmer.

This mechanical filtration step is key as it prevents large amounts organic material from breaking down inside the pond, helping to prevent the spikes in nutrients that often encourage blooms of algae. Instead, the debris can be removed from the filter basket periodically to be added to the compost heap or beds around the garden. This maintenance takes just a couple of minutes every other week, and requires no tools.

Available in two sizes in the UK to suit the requirements of the pond, these skimmers should be installed on the opposite side of the pond to any watercourses to maximise the circulation of water. The Pond Skimmer 400 is suitable for ponds with a surface area of up to 37m² while the Skimmer 1000 is suitable for ponds up to 93m². For ponds larger than this multiple skimmers can be used or a custom intake bay can be constructed. Aquascape recommend using the EcoWave pumps with the 400 model, and EcoWave or Adjustable SLD pumps with the 1000 model.

The water level of the pond is determined by the height of the weir of the skimmer, so it is important to consider the depth at which the skimmer is installed. Aquascape Inc. recommends an ideal water level of 3/4" below the top of the weir opening. Both the 400 and 1000 models feature a faux rock lid to help camouflage the skimmer effectively.

See the datasheets on this page for more information or for detailed installation instructions.


Guarantee 1 Year
Material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmer 400 (unboxed)
Product Code: ASF0105
Length 546mm; Width 457mm; Height 533mm; Weir size 153mm; Max. flow rate 15,140 l/h; Suitable for ponds with surface area of up to 37m²
Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmer 1000 (unboxed)
Product Code: ASF0111
Length 533mm; Width 559mm; Height 673mm; Weir size 203mm; Max. flow rate 37,850 l/h; Suitable for ponds with surface area of up to 93m²