Aquascape QuickFix Pond Gummies

The Aquascape QuickFix Pond Gummies are a completely safe biological treatment for combatting cloudy water, controlling organic waste and supporting fish health. With each individual gummy containing over 320 billion healthy bacteria cultures, specially selected enzymes and a built-in carbon food source for the bacteria to feed on, they begin working as soon as they are dropped into the pond.

These bacteria effectively breakdown and digest organic matter within the pond, helping to eliminate ammonia, nitrates and phosphates from the water. High levels of these compounds can be severely detrimental to the ecosystem as they are often the root cause of algae blooms which, if left untreated, can cause toxic conditions for wildlife.

Each QuickFix pond gummy treats up to 11,300 litres of water. For larger ponds, multiple gummies can be used at the same time to meet the requirements of the volume of the pond.

Aquascape recommend using these gummies during pond stress events, including after seasonal pond cleanouts, extreme rain events, fish spawning, excess feeding, spring start-ups and finally after application of any algicides.
Aquascape QuickFix Pond Gummy - treats up to 11,300 litres
Product Code: ASA6280