Aquascape SAB Stream and Pond Cleaner

About Aquascape:
Aquascape Inc. was created in 1991 by owner and CEO Greg Wittstock, also known as "The Pond Guy", when he began building ponds around Chicago during breaks in the school year. The Aquascape ethos is to connect people to water, whilst working with nature instead of fighting against it. Aquascape pond systems utilise the natural bacterial processes within ponds to keep the water healthy and crystal clear, often incorporating water courses and rockways to imitate the positive impact of a natural stream.

Aquascape SAB Stream & Pond Cleaner:
The Aquascape SAB Stream and Pond Cleaner is a powerful combination of highly concentrated bacteria and enzymes that is designed to help provide clean, clear, and healthy water conditions in both ponds and waterfalls. The billions of bacteria in the treatment are essentially natures cleaners. They break down and digest organic matter in the water, reducing the levels of key nutrients such as ammonia, nitrates and phosphates that often build up over time.

This treatment also contains a phosphate binder that helps to rapidly lower the phosphate levels within the water by pulling it out of solution, preventing algae cells from accessing one of the main nutrients that they need to thrive.

Aquascape recommend applying a double dose of SAB Stream and Pond Cleaner weekly for the first two weeks of treatment. Following treatments can then use just a single dose once every two weeks or as required for maintenance. To apply the treatment, simply mix the required dosage in a clean bucket with warm water (about 26°C) then pour the mixture around the perimeter of the pond. The water may temporarily appear cloudy, although this will depend on the pH of the water.
Aquascape SAB Stream and Pond Cleaner - 8.8oz (250g)
Product Code: ASA6274
250g treats up to 9,072 litres