Aquascape IonGen System G2 Electronic String Algae Control

The Aquascape IonGen System G2 is an innovative solution for the control of string algae, without the use of traditional chemicals. String algae such as blanket weed, can grow rapidly during the warmer months, especially in shallow water with high exposure to direct sunlight. Although string algae growth is natural in almost any pond ecosystem, it can get out of hand quickly and cause a whole host of issues when not treated, eventually resulting in poor water clarity, toxic water conditions and even fish death.

Suitable for water features and ponds alike, the IonGen G2 utilises the power of copper ions to treat the water and control string algae. The heart of the system is the adjustable IonGen control panel that sends electrical signals to an ion-producing copper probe. When an electrical signal is received by one side of the probe, it tries to send a single charged copper ion across to the other side. This copper ion can then be swept away by flowing water where it can begin to inhibit algae growth and tackle the algae on a cellular level.

The control panel features simple buttons to increase or decrease the power of the IonGen, with 1 being the lowest setting and 10 the highest. Aquascape recommend using the lowest setting when algae is under control, then simply increase the number of copper ions being released when the first signs of algae are spotted. Copper can become toxic in high concentrations, so before starting treatment it is important to measure the copper levels within the pond to ensure they do not exceed 0.25ppm. This is easily done using the provided copper testing kit.

Before installing the IonGen, there are certain parameters that must be met for the system to work efficiently and safely. Firstly, the KH (carbonate hardness), which is essentially a measure of the minerals dissolved within the pond water, must measure between 100ppm alkalinity (5 degrees KH) and 250ppm alkalinity (14 degrees KH). Every IonGen is supplied with a carbonate hardness testing kit for easily testing these key levels before installation. If the KH levels are too low then an alkalinity booster can be added to increase the hardness, while a simple water change is often enough for reducing the hardness to suitable levels.

It is crucial to place the probe in an area with high water flow to prevent the copper ions from reaching the opposite side of the probe. If the copper ions do not enter the water they instead build up on the probe, reducing the service life of the probe as well as hindering the treatment of algae. For new builds, Aquascape recommend installing the probe within the supplied G2 flow chamber which can be connected in-line to any pipework with constant flow, such as between the skimmer and filter. For retro-fit applications, the probe can be placed directly inside the skimmer chamber.

Landscapeplus provide an IP44 UK 12v transformer with every IonGen to supply power to the control panel. The remaining scope of delivery can be found on the datasheet.


Guarantee 3 Years
Aquascape IonGen System G2 electronic string algae control with 12v transformer (UK)
Product Code: ASA6084
Treats ponds and water features up to a volume of 95,000 litres