Aquascape Downspout Filters

The Aquascape Downspout Filter is ideal for diverting and filtering rainwater from a downpipe into a rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater is filtered at two stages with this filter helping to capture and remove a variety of pollutants and debris. The first stage of filtration is designed to remove large debris when rainwater filters through the grated lid and layer of gravel. Within the filter sits a 300-micron net that effectively removes finer particles such as: dust, leaves, twigs, seeds and small sediments that accumulate on the surface of the roof between rain falls; this is second and final stage of filtration. The Aquascape Downspout Filter includes a moulded hose tail that can accommodate 3" or 4" corrugated drain pipe.
Aquascape Downspout Filter
Product Code: ASA1992