DELTALIGHT LED Stievie Baton Spike Lights

The DELTALIGHT Stievie baton spike lights are amongst the most unique light fittings in the Delta Light range. With an incredibly sleek and contemporary design, they feature a square shape with a long LED strip down one edge and a spike for simple installation into soft ground. The built-in LEDs are designed to be run on 24v power, making them ideal for use with our 24v outdoor power supplies. These light fittings are incredibly versatile despite their unique appearance, but are most suited to highlighting key features such as statues or installed amongst planting to highlight foliage.

They are available in a choice of two heights; 750mm or 1300mm. The 750mm version contains a 7w LED strip while the 1300mm version is fitted with a longer 11w strip. Manufactured from specially treated aluminium alloy, they are highly resistant to corrosion and UV light and are made with longevity in mind.

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Guarantee 5 Years
Installation Type Spike
IP Rating IP65
Light Colour (Kelvin) 3000k (w/white)
Light Material/Colour Powder Coated Aluminium Alloy
Lumen Output Stievie 130: 175 lm (from fitting)
Lumen Output Stievie 130: 873 lm (at chip)
Lumen Output Stievie 75: 103 lm (from fitting)
Lumen Output Stievie 75: 513 lm (at chip)
Power Consumption 11w
Power Consumption 9w
Power Source 24v Power Supply
Type of Light Wall Light
Wiring Required Parallel
DELTALIGHT Stievie 75 baton spike light 750mm - dark grey - 7w - 24v - w/white LED
Product Code: LDE2282
DELTALIGHT Stievie 130 baton spike light 1300mm - dark grey - 11w - 24v - w/white LED
Product Code: LDE2285