Blagdon AmphibiousIQ Controllable Pumps

The Blagdon AmphibiousIQ pumps are suitable for feeding water to pond filtration systems, water features and water courses. Provided with an in-line control box, they are designed to be electronically dimmed to achieve the perfect flow rate for the job at hand as well as prevent unnecessary power consumption.

Also provided with pumps are stepped hose tails that simply screw onto the the threaded pump outlet, allowing spiral hose to be easily connected. The stepped hosetail is suitable for 19mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm (¾" - 1½") spiral hose.

These multi-purpose Blagdon pumps also feature a range of safety and usability features:
  • Motor Protection System - if the pump detects a clog or jam within the motor it will pause operation until cleaned to prevent damage to the internals of the pump.
  • Run Dry Protection system - if the pump detects that there is not adequate water flooding into the intake it will automatically pause until it has enough water to continue without damaging the pump.
  • Soft Start System - when the pump is switched on the flow will slowly increase to the pre-set position, reducing wear on the pump and reducing sudden stress to the pipe and fittings.


Adjustment Electronically dimmable
Cable Length 1.5m from plug to control box
Cable Length 8.5m from control box to pump
Guarantee 3 Years
Hose Connection 19/25/32/38mm (¾" - 1½") hose tail
IP Rating IP56 (control box)
Blagdon AmphibiousIQ 2250-4500 controllable pump
Product Code: PNP8504
Flow rate adjustable between 2,250l/h - 4,500l/h; min. power consumption 15w; max. power consumption 25w; max. head height 3m
Blagdon AmphibiousIQ 3000-6000 controllable pump
Product Code: PNP8506
Flow rate adjustable between 3,000l/h - 5,900l/h; min. power consumption 17w; max. power consumption 35w; max. head height 4.2m
Blagdon AmphibiousIQ 4500-9000 controllable pump
Product Code: PNP8509
Flow rate adjustable between 4,500l/h - 8,700l/h; min. power consumption 30w; max. power consumption 60w; max. head height 4.5m
Blagdon AmphibiousIQ 6000-12000 controllable pump
Product Code: PNP8512
Flow rate adjustable between 6,000l/h -11,200l/h; min. power consumption 40w; max. power consumption 85w; max. head height 5m