Collingwood High Power Frosted Neon Strip Light - Side Bendable - 9.6w/m

Utilising high quality LED strip with a high grade silicone extruded coating, this range of Collingwood strip lighting is designed specifically for rigorous outdoor environments. With excellent UV, chemical and weather resistance, as well as an impressive IP67 rating, each length is provided with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind. They are manufactured with a flexible frosted lens that creates a soft neon effect and prevents the individual LED's from being seen within the strip.

With cut points every 50mm, these 9.6w/m LED strips are available in either 3m or 5m lengths and can be cut down as required. Each length is supplied with a 0.5m flying lead on the power side and an end cap on the other end to maintain the IP67 rating. We have a range of flying leads, joiners and end caps available that are designed to maintain the IP67 rating even when the original length is cut down into multiple smaller lengths. This also means that any off-cuts can be re-used, preventing unnecessary wastage.

Once powered by our range of 24v outdoor power supplies, this high power strip light can be run 5m without experiencing any light loss. Their flexible construction also allows them to bend to the desired angle, from wide swept bends all the way down to a 60mm radius (see diagram). This allows them to be used in a huge range of outdoor lighting applications, such as under benches, recessed ground lighting, downlighting, accent lighting, wash lighting and back lighting. There is a wide range of profiles and clips available for mounting the strip lighting.

They are available in three different colour temperatures with no change in price: 3000k (w/white) by default, with 2700k (ww/white) or 4000k (n/white) available upon request. A lower power 6.5w/m version of this strip lighting is also available that features a lower lumen output but a longer maximum run length.

Dimensions: Length up to 5m; Height 17mm; width 12mm; cut points every 50mm


Beam Angle 120°
Cable Length 0.5m
Guarantee 5 Years
IP Rating IP67
Light Colour (Kelvin) 2700k (ww/white), 3000k (w/white) or 4000k (n/white)
Lumen Output 440 lm/m (w/white)
Material Flexible Silicone
Max. Run Length 5 Metres
Power Consumption 9.6w/m
Power Source 24v Power Supply
Type of Light Strip Light
Wiring Required Parallel
Collingwood frosted neon LED strip - IP67 - side bend - w/white - 3m - 24v - 9.6w/m - 440lm/m
Product Code: LDF8362
Colour temperature 3000k (w/white); also available in 2700k (ww/white) or 4000k (n/white) upon request
Collingwood frosted neon LED strip - IP67 - side bend - w/white - 5m - 24v - 9.6w/m - 440lm/m
Product Code: LDF8372
Colour temperature 3000k (w/white); also available in 2700k (ww/white) or 4000k (n/white) upon request